Hey there, nice to meet you!

Thanks for taking the time to look around my website, hopefully I can shed some light on what exactly I do. However, it seems this is the ‘life story’ page – I’ll try and avoid rambling!

I was born in Coventry in 1997 and was ‘educated’ at a few different places around the county. In 2013, following leaving Cardinal Wiseman, I found myself in Leamington Spa studying for a Health & Social Care qualification.

Following that, I applied for a job with the ambulance service in Oxford (as it was my ambition to become a Paramedic, amongst other dreams). Having worked full-time for two years, I applied to the University of Portsmouth for a Certificate of Higher Education in Paramedic Practice, which then allowed me to gain my Paramedic registration. I qualified as a Paramedic in December 2018 and continue to work in the Oxford area.

Amongst all this, around 2010, aged 13 – I somehow discovered radio. I dabbled with ‘presenting’ on various online radio stations before wanting to get involved in a technical capacity. I decided to take the step and start my own internet radio station – broadcasting to a handful of my friends simply for the novelty. The first radio station I started was called ‘OnlyHitsRadio’, followed by ‘Hit1FM’. These projects allowed me to get a basic understanding of audio streaming.

In 2013, myself & partners Ethan Gates & Maartje Eyskens founded platform SHOUTca.st, which was designed to make audio streaming accessible.

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